Example Reading: New Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”

The Golden Lenormand Oracle is my newest Lenormand deck, so I thought I would run it through my new “attitude check” spread. This deck has caught some flack from traditionalists (even though it’s just a dressed-up Blue Owl) because of its gold-foil “bling” and its much-larger-than-average size. I’ve read with it a bit and the gold does make for a lively-looking Grand Tableau.

All images copyright Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

The Significator (Gentleman) appeared in the last pack to the right, with only four cards after it. Thus, 86% of the deck was situated to the Significator’s left, an indication that this may not be a very visionary deck (which doesn’t seem to be unusual for Lenormand decks, since they aren’t meant to be read intuitively by free-associating from the images).

Of the four cards to the right, two were positive and two were neutral; 100% of the negative cards (8 of 8) and 75% of the positive cards (6 of 8) were to the Significator’s left, showing a very minor inclination toward pessimism in the deck (again, not uncommon in Lenormand reading). The closest negative card to the Significator was the Whip, with the Scythe right behind it, implying that I may not get a lot of unconditional cooperation from the deck. The rest of the negative cards were far to the left and of negligible consequence.


With the exception of the cards to the right of the Rider and the Letter, none of the other pairs and sets met the criteria for being accorded special significance. Here is a pared-down version of the exploded layout showing the combinations of interest. The Mountain was not to the right of the Mice; the Sun, Clover and Key (which I added to the spread later) were not to the right of the Rider and the Letter; the Dog and the Ring were not to the right of the Heart; and the Bear and the Fish were not to the right of the Child. The deck comes across as low-key and not out to prove anything.


On the other hand, the Coffin is to the right of the Rider, and the Scythe and Whip are to the right of both the Rider and the Letter. The deck’s messages may be of the decidedly somber sort, but the Stars and the Bouquet at the end of the series suggest that it will be able to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse every once in a while. I can probably expect  rather guarded reading experiences with it unless it manages to cut loose.


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