A “Chaldean Mirror” Example Reading

I decided to test my “Chaldean Mirror” spread with a weekly rather than a daily focus. I found out Monday that I did in fact break a rib last week, so I wanted to explore what the upcoming week looks like for my physical condition. I used the Liber T, Tarot of Stars Eternal for the central array, choosing the Emperor as the trump card for the current zodiacal month. The associated court, pip and Ace cards all have a spring-like fervor to them, which was another reason I picked the Emperor. My second deck for this reading was the Thoth, with reversals.

All images © U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT and Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

The one message that the three randomly-drawn cards and their “mirrors” deliver most loudly and clearly is “frustration.” I had an ambitious schedule for the month of April, but with all of the reversals it looks like my injury is going to keep me from accomplishing much of it. The 2 of Swords (1st decan of Libra) and the 2 of Wands (1st decan of Aries), both reversed, indicate a cessation of initiative and effort, while the Empress and Death reversed describe discomfort and slow improvement; the Fool reversed is stuck in neutral even more than normal, and Strength reversed is also stymied by my current weakness. The other thing these cards convey is that, although the calendar says it’s Spring, the weather is having none of it.

Just a note on method. Since the Empress is a planetary trump and the Fool is an elemental one, I had to get creative with selecting their mirrors. The Empress corresponds to Venus, which rules both Taurus and Libra; since this is a question about physical well-being, I recognized the Hierophant (Taurus) as the zodiacal counterpart in this case and therefore Death (Scorpio) as the mirror for the Empress. The Fool is associated with Uranus in modern terms, which rules Aquarius, so the zodiacal counterpart for the Fool is the Star and the mirror for that trump is Strength (Leo). I maintained the orientation of the three drawn cards for their associated mirrors.

It looks like an uneventful week of forced rest ahead.

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