Where is Taina? (A Missing Person Spread)

Update: I learned something yesterday about missing-person coverage in the newspapers. If a person is found promptly, there is only a terse mention of that fact in the local news, with no details of the circumstances. I assume it’s a privacy issue. At any rate, doing these readings on “live” cases has little or no chance of validation, so in the future I will be limiting my efforts to long-outstanding “cold” cases. In the present event, the girl was found but I have no idea how or where unless I spend a good deal of time examining police logs.

Maybe we’re only catching up with the rest of the country, but there seems to be a new missing-person case in southern New Hampshire every other day. This one involves a 14-year-old girl.


I used my “Train to Nowhere” missing-person spread (which is certainly getting a lot of mileage these days). I used the Connolly Tarot and chose the Page of Swords as the Significator because the girl is described as on the short side with brown hair and brown eyes.


The Significator appeared in the 12th pile of thirteen, which is titled the “Hospital Car;” the interpretive text says “Injured; institutionalized.” There is a chance she has been hurt as the result of some kind of misadventure, as shown by the rest of the cards in that pack.

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The Significator showed up reversed at the top of the pile, with five upright cards below it: the Star, the 4 of Cups, the Queen of Swords, the Knight of Wands and Judgement.


I read this series as saying that she could have been vulnerable (reversed Page) to being enticed or lured by promises (Star and 4 of Cups) from a woman and man (Queen of Swords and Knight of Wands), and has thus been delivered to a fate she didn’t expect and was powerless to avoid (Judgement). The fact that there are two older people involved implies that it’s an organized ring and not just a random occurrence. I don’t like the look of this one. If she has been treated at any kind of emergency medical facility, there should be a traceable electronic record; that’s where I would start.

5 thoughts on “Where is Taina? (A Missing Person Spread)

  1. Here’s an interesting recent case from France, that of Maëlys. Plenty of news coverage over the past year.

    Try limiting Google searches to prior to Valentine’s Day this year, and see how the reading works out!

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    • That’s a good suggestion, I’ve only been using on-line news articles as my source of information. The very first time I used this spread was for the case of a missing girl in Yuba City, CA, and she was exactly where the reading said she was (unfortunately, deceased), but I have yet to repeat that success, usually because there is little or no feedback from the original sources.


  2. OK, in this instance it involves the case of an 8 year old girl who disappeared at a family wedding. Perhaps that’s enough go on for now?


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