Where Is Isaiah? – A Missing Person Spread

Update: It appears the missing boy in this case found his way safely to Florida. There are no details about how that happened, or how long he may have stayed in New York City.


First a note on the method. The main problem I’m finding with this approach is that I’m using missing-person notices that appear in the newspapers and, if nothing new surfaces quickly in the circumstances, there are never any follow-up articles to let me fact-check my results. With cold cases I expect that, but not with current events. The attention span of the American consumer of news seems to be vanishingly short. Now on to the reading.

A 15-year-old boy has gone missing from Sunapee, NH. The only lead is that the boy’s father saw a Snapchat photo of him him while the boy was in New York City. He apparently left home with friends on March 5th.


I used my “Train to Nowhere” missing-person spread to see if I could get a fix on his location. (Yes, I know it’s a grim title, but this is often a grim subject.) I used the Thoth deck and chose the Prince of Disks as the Significator because the boy looks like a physically sturdy type.

This spread is based on a “locomotive” motif where each “car” (position) in the “train” represents a different location where the missing individual might be found.


The Significator turned up in the 6th position, titled the “Lounge Car.” The key phrase from the interpretive text for this position is “In the city;” there is also a suggestion of sexual predation (“kept for pleasure; sexually abused”) but these are outlying possibilities here.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The Significator appeared immediately beneath the Moon card, suggesting that he is keeping (or is being kept) out of sight. There may also have been an attempt to conceal his trail.


The card following the Prince of Disks is the 3 of Disks, titled “Worry.” It’s possible the boy is worried about his predicament, but this could also be showing the distress he has caused others.

The next card is the Prince of Swords, implying that he is with another young man of a similar age who is strong-willed and is pushing (or perhaps leading) him. The objective seems to be to get the individual to make some kind of change (2 of Disks, “Change”) that he is strenuously resisting (7 of Wands,”Valour”). One of my personal definitions for the 7 of Wands is “holding the moral high ground.” There is a chance the Prince of Swords person is coercing the Prince of Disks individual, but it’s just as likely that he has the Disks person going along on a “dare,” since the Prince of Swords is out in front.

The spread indicates that the missing individual is probably in no immediate danger, but he may be at risk, specially if he is in New York City. The most troubling things here are the obscurity represented by the Moon (which can also represent drugs and alcohol), and the amount of influence the Swords person wields over the subject. It might be worthwhile to search in places of “illicit pleasure” that the individual is likely to frequent, or where he may be sequestered.

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