The “What of a Much of a Which” Event Analysis Spread

Although he had more dire implications in mind, ee cummings might have been talking about the fortune-teller’s art in his poem what of a much of a which of a wind (for example, “blow soon to never and never to twice”).

One of the greatest challenges facing those who try to discern past, present or future events through the cards is the extremely wide range of possible interpretations between the first card, the Fool, and the last, the 10 of Pentacles, especially when all 78 cards are brought to bear concurrently in a reading. When a question is entirely of the “garden variety” (that is, about  nothing more complicated than mundane domestic affairs), trying to explain to the querent why Death, the Devil and the Tower are about to jump all over them can be a sobering experience for the reader. Suppose, for example, the question is “What has become of the cat?” The 7 of Swords can easily be interpreted as showing that someone made off with it (hopefully receiving a few scratches in the process). But what do we say about Judgement? “God took it to heaven, sweetie.” Or how about “It’s been abducted by aliens!”

I created this spread to help diviners speak in lower case where appropriate, like ee cummings. It focuses each type of card (minors, trumps and courts) in areas of a situation where it will provide the most benefit. Minors show specifically what did or will (and sometimes didn’t or won’t) happen, trumps give an indication of why it will or won’t (did or didn’t) go well, and courts provide advice to the querent for dealing with it (or not, as the case may be). This is what I call a “prepared-deck” approach, in which the cards are subdivided by rank into three separate categories which are to be used only in their specific  target areas. It’s intended as a 3-card “What, Why and How” reading, but more cards can be added as the reader chooses to create a more detailed “story” for each part of the picture. I designed it to be used with reversals as a way to shade the meaning of each card across a broader spectrum of interpretation.

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