“Oh, No, Not Again!” (A Simple Yes-or-No Reading)

I have a simple yes-or-no spread (titled, oddly enough, “A Simple Yes-or-No Spread”) that I decided to use to find out whether New England will be hit by another major “Nor’easter” snowstorm next week. I used the Anna K Tarot, my most reliable weather-forecasting deck. For the Significator, I chose the 3 of Swords, which just looks like “Oh, no, not again!” in this particular pack.


I’ve started calling the initial 9-card matrix the “risk-factor template,” while the fully populated layout I consider to be the “exposure scenario.”

All images copyright Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN

Here, the three reversed trump cards in the top row suggest that State governments will be hard-pressed to cope with another major storm without going substantially into the red. Resources and services could be seriously challenged.

The High Priestess (the “Moon” card) at the center shows that a high-tide situation would be the worst possible risk factor for coastal areas since it would aggravate flooding. The 4 of Cups to its left reflects that New Englanders have become resigned to (although not quite bored by) “whatever comes.” (The people in the scene even look like they’re “stocking up”). The Magician to the HP’s right is phenomenally appropriate to the question: note the cyclonic storm symbol above his hand (and it’s even rotating in the right direction for a Northern Hemisphere storm!) This looks like a “Yes” all by itself.

The Tower reversed below the High Priestess makes me think coastal seawalls will be highly vulnerable – perhaps eroded from beneath – in a “high-tide” scenario. (The Anna K Tower card even has an apparent “tsunami” on it! I love this deck . . .)

The two remaining cards, the sun-drenched 9 of Pentacles and the Chariot, are saying “Better fly to Florida soon.”

When I moved on to the second step, the 3 of Swords was the second card drawn and it landed in one of the “Maybe Yes, Trending Toward Yes” positions. The card preceding it was the 5 of Swords, looking like an unsettled stage-setter for the main event. Maybe high winds will usher in the heavy snow. Nothing else changed in the “big picture.”


The only other card in the 3 of Swords’ pack is the reversed Emperor. He’s been caught sitting down and can’t do a thing about it. All I can say is “Better hold on to your hats! This one could be a doozy!”



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