A Clash of Wills: Trump vs. Mueller

I used my “Enemy at the Gate” vulnerability spread to examine the ongoing confrontation between President Donald Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. I chose the Tarot of the Golden Serpent for the Significator and the “quint” cards, and the Star Tarot for the main reading. Trump has the top row of the spread and Meuller the bottom row. I picked the Last Judgment card to show the “opportunity” facing both men to finally put this situation behind them. One interesting feature of the reading is that, although I thoroughly randomized for reversal, all of the drawn cards landed upright; there is most likely no “smoking gun” under any of the rocks Mueller’s team is able to turn over.



The scoring for positional advantage came out pretty much a draw. In the “Strength” column, Trump got the Hanged Man, suggesting abundant “patience” but also  the lingering doubt about transparency that has dogged his Presidency since his inauguration, and Mueller received the 7 of Wands, which implies that – although “courage” is his mainstay and he may hold the “moral high ground” – he faces an uphill battle against a sitting President. With the Hanged Man above,  Trump may yet try to hold something over Mueller’s head or dangle some kind of “deal” in front of him. The Hanged Man’s all-encompassing Primal Water could dampen investigative fervor and may ultimately swamp the modest spark of the 7 of Wands (Mars is somewhat under-powered in Leo). Because it’s a trump card, even though an unfavorable one, I give Trump a slight advantage here.

In the “Weakness” column, Trump has the worst of it since the 7 of Pentacles is a noticeably weaker card than the 9 of Pentacles. Mueller believes he is on solid ground despite the stiff resistance he faces, and Trump gets no satisfaction from his counter-measures. Mueller is tarnished less by the putative facts of the matter and therefore has the advantage.

In the “Edge” column, Mueller is “smelling blood” (Ace of Wands), while Trump is discomfited and may feel like he’s standing in quicksand (8 of Cups). Mueller has the “hot shoe” here and it looks like Trump knows it. Advantage decisively to Mueller.

In the “Allies” column, Trump (with the Chariot) is his typically unpredictable “maverick” self, while Mueller (with the Knight of Pentacles) shows that he will most likely “stand on procedure.” It looks like Trump’s legal team is more nimble and, once it starts moving in earnest, it will outmaneuver Mueller’s more dogged “by-the-book” one. With a hard-driving trump card, the President should prevail.

In the “Sub-Quint” column, Trump once again came up with the Chariot, while Mueller got the Emperor. (Note that I included the Thoth-based Knight as “14” in Mueller’s quintessence calculation; without it, his sub-quint is the Star, a much less stalwart presence, and the “Grand Quint” would be the Lovers, an unlikely scenario.) Trump will “double-down” on his adroit maneuvering, while Mueller will rely entirely on the vested authority of his office. Trump is a moving target and Mueller is constrained by due process. Mueller may have the law on his side, but Trump has more horsepower and has yet to fully unleash it. I believe there will be a deal of some kind since both cards strongly favor “holding the line” and not “giving an inch.” For the moment, it looks like a political “cat-and-mouse” game.

The “Grand Quint” card was “Justice.” A forum mate of mine once said that Judgement represents the verdict and Justice shows the the trial itself. Here, with Justice at the end and Judgement at the beginning,  we have a whiff of suspicion that Trump’s guilt was assumed in advance and the investigation is just a sham to create an illusion of fair dealing. In the final analysis, though, I think what we will see is cynical “DC justice,” which means nobody will get exactly what they’re after but everyone will “save face.” This portends no indictment for Trump (at least on the Russian connection) and no dismissal for Mueller. Consign this one to the “dustbin of history.”

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