An Example Reading with the “Destiny’s Dartboard” Timing Spread

I had a near-term timing question that I thought would be a perfect opportunity for testing this spread.  A couple of weeks ago I submitted an article to the publisher of The Cartomancer quarterly journal for possible publication. (This wasn’t a “shot in the dark” since I’ve had several articles published there already). She got back to me almost immediately and said she would be able to look at it in a few days, but I’ve heard nothing since. I asked the cards how soon I can expect to hear from her without prompting, using the CBD Tarot de Marseille. There is no “Yes-or-No” component in this spread, it’s strictly about event timing.

I chose the Ace of Swords as the Significator because the matter involves communication about a decision. I focused on the “Days” and “Weeks” packs since I felt anything longer would be unreasonable. The Ace of Swords turned up in the “Days” pack.

The “Timing Pack” produced the 7 of Swords, which tells me I should hear something within the next week. (Note that this is based solely on the number Seven, not the fact that it’s a Swords card, which customarily means “weeks.”)

The “Interface Pack” gave me the Knave of Swords, making me think she has a subordinate working on new guidelines for handling submittals. (Apparently, circulation has exploded since she took over last year, so she can be more choosy about what goes into the magazine.) The task is probably almost complete. The keyword “scrutiny” may have a bearing here.

The “Destiny Card” (the influence of external forces) came up as Death. There are a few possible meanings for this one. Literally, a death in the family may have sidetracked her. Alternatively, the magazine is presently going through a major transformation and she is totally immersed in that to the exclusion of more mundane duties. Finally, Death in the Golden Dawn timing table appears as late October to late November (the zodiacal month of Scorpio, one of the pokey fixed signs). This could mean that my article won’t be a candidate for publication until the last issue of the year anyway, so she has the luxury of more time to consider it. (Also, I already have two articles scheduled for publication earlier in the year, so unless she bumps one of them, that’s the earliest I can expect this one to get in.)

It’s interesting that all five of the cards here emphasize “cutting implements.” The suit of three of the four Swords was pre-determined, but the sword-wielding King of Swords and the scythe-bearing Death appeared randomly. I get the feeling that the publisher has to cut her way through a mountain of details before she can get to my submittal.

This exercise was encouraging as far as demonstrating the functionality of the spread. I will post an update when I learn more.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

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