New Age Tropes and the “Theater of Tarot”

This lengthy article was rejected for publication because it was viewed as "too elitist." I'm many things, but I'm by no means an elitist. I am however highly opinionated and skeptical of what has become of the bright promise of the New Age as it continues its long, slow decline. Sometimes my "inner curmudgeon" just … Continue reading New Age Tropes and the “Theater of Tarot”

Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

I sometimes wonder how those of us who practice divination - especially those for whom "faith" is not the normal mode of approach to all things spiritual - reconcile what we believe to be true about our pursuits and what we're able to confirm as truth. The gap (the "disparity" of the title) between what … Continue reading Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

The CBD Tarot de Marseille Deck Interview

Unfortunately, I missed my chance to pick up the self-published edition of Yoav Ben-Dov's brilliant Conver-based Tarot de Marseille while he was still alive. Fortunately, US Games has apparently acquired the license and has just released an admirable version of the CBD tarot at a reasonable price. I performed my "Personality Profile" deck interview spread … Continue reading The CBD Tarot de Marseille Deck Interview

Cheap Shots #28: Prediction vs. Divination

We've been having a spirited and occasionally contentious debate on one of the forums I frequent regarding the difference between divination and prediction (if there even is one), and which approach is most suitable for work with the tarot. A side issue is whether the proper role of a reader in discussing difficult cards is … Continue reading Cheap Shots #28: Prediction vs. Divination

Where Is Justin? A Missing-Person Spread

A young man from New Hampshire recently went missing in Guatemala while swimming alone across a lake. He was apparently checked on by people in a boat, said he was OK and continued his swim, but never returned. I have a missing-person spread that I've used successfully in the past to analyze such cases, … Continue reading Where Is Justin? A Missing-Person Spread