2018 Grand Tableau Self-Reading

I don’t read for myself much anymore, but I make an exception for the Lenormand Grand Tableau, which I like to do at least annually.  There is so much detail packed into it that that I never fail to find interesting threads to pull. My 2018 GT is no exception. I did this one with the traditional Blue Owl deck.

All images copyright Konigsfurt-Urania

The first thing I notice is that the Gentleman is in the house of the Man, making it very clear that this reading is “mine,” or “about me.” Always a good place to start.

The biggest thing on the horizon in 2018 is selling our current home and buying one across the State, closer to our new granddaughter. The House is directly above the Gentleman, a perfect indication of the degree to which that is occupying my thoughts. The Bear on House can only be the invested equity we have in our present home, and Bear + Fish + House makes me think our property is well worth its projected value. Fish on Birds suggests that putting it on the market in the Spring will generate a good deal of “buzz” among prospective buyers, and House on Garden could mean that we will show it to a lot of people. However, Fox below the Gentleman and bracketed by Snake and Woman looks like a warning to not put too much trust in the (probably female) realtor we line up to handle the transaction, either at this end or at our new location. The Gentleman intersects with the Clouds and the Whip at the House, suggesting difficult negotiations.

The House is followed by Dog on Mountain, Mountain on Crossroads, Ring on Mice and Clouds on Heart. The implication here is that offering the purchase to someone close to us would be unlikely to result in a sale. That individual would probably not be able to swing the deal, and disappointment is almost assured. I don’t care much for the Cross + Mice + Crossroads + Bear combination at the beginning of the layout; I’m thinking it may herald the long-rumored crash in the “seller’s market” for housing. The signs are there to be seen (Cross on Rider), our fortunes may be slipping (Mice on Clover) and we should probably make our move sooner rather than later (Crossroads on Ship). The rest of the line (Clover on Tree, Storks on Clouds, Tree on Snake and Book on Coffin) makes the likelihood of recovering all of our equity seem just a little anemic. The four corners – Cross + Book + Lilies + Key – give the impression that there may be more trouble brewing than we presently know, but Lilies on Moon looks like our credibility will remain impeccable and Key on Ring shows that a deal will appear when the time is right.

The Gentleman’s row is mostly encouraging, with Key + Sun + Moon before and Ship + Bouquet + Scythe + Lilies after. Only the Scythe gives me pause; everything else seems to speak positively about the prospects for an enterprising adventure. Another goal for this year is gaining increased exposure for my tarot and astrology practice in our new, more urban setting, and Gentleman + Ship + Bouquet looks like opportunity to me. Bouquet in the house of Lilies knights to Garden (the public) and the Stars (fortune-telling in general), but it also knights to Clouds on Heart, and with the Scythe + Lilies following I may have to pare down my hopeful expectations. The Key at the beginning of the row mirrors Lilies at the end, so a measure of success still seems to be “in the cards.” The Gentleman knights to both the Heart and the Garden, showing a warm reception, but also to the Mountain, meaning it will be a while before I get there.

I’m reading the Child as my granddaughter (Gentleman knights to Child), and the combination Whip + Child + Coffin gives me cause for concern about her well-being. But it could also mean a troubled and possibly abortive new start. Since it’s to the Gentleman’s left, it could have to do with my fading efforts to mount a tarot practice in my current area. There is a strong probability that I was “trashed” with my employer by a dissatisfied client after a year of successful reading, but nothing was said to me; my reading opportunities simply dried up. Because of its decreasing influence in the “big picture,” I’m not inclined to give it too much weight going forward. Time to move on.


6 thoughts on “2018 Grand Tableau Self-Reading

  1. So, is it just a general overview of the main areas/topics/subjects?.

    It is the French system for me on this one I am afraid but compared to the last GT this one looks a lot lighter I must say.

    Sorry am not going to read yours until afterward as I want to compare and see if any similarities or not.


    What is on your mind and not in your control is the House+Fish+Bear, so something to do with the home, real estate, and finances connected to it. Like the commercial value (Fish+Bear), I suppose. But all these cards fall on good houses, so nothing really negative just looking at it at face value.

    Interesting as at the heart of everything is “FIsh+Garden+House+Dog” plus what is pressing right now is “Cross+Book+Key+Lily”.

    FOUR PILLARS: (Now rather than later).

    It is like you are going through some major life changing events or event and some key decisions are being made which are not all a bed of roses. Maybe there will be a few unexpected occurrences and reveals along the way if not already. These decisions are for the long term and are not really an overnight thing, but with them, there is stability and peace of mind.

    Some information may be brought through to you that is a bit worrying through others about a business and/or freelancer, so be warned. However, it is up to you whether to trust or not trust that information, so make sure you do your homework. If it is a business it is not really unknown and could be medium sized up, but not large like Toyota, Fortune 500, or Exxon Mobile.

    ADDING: Below is the mention of real estate business, so the business could be to do with real estate.


    FISH+HOUSE – A real estate business.
    FISH+ DOG – Someone or a business you know. May have already been contacted even if just once.
    A) It is a big property
    B) It needs to be put out there publically for some reason.
    C) There will be a dinner party or BBQ etc.
    HOUSE+DOG – Family.

    Seems there is a “theme” here and your focus is on “real estate” and/or the “family home”.

    I think there will be hiccups for you whether selling, renting, and/or buying with stress being a part of the package. You will have moments of not being so into the process as it may be daunting and there are things you might have to watch out for especially when it comes to financial transactions and/or paperwork – even dealings with legal/official venues. Situations and//or people.

    I think as long as you read everything twice over and thoroughly you may avoid any unnecessariness.

    That is my 2 cents worth!


  2. Seems the HEART OF THE MATTER and ABOVE YOU has touched on what you are dealing with this year which is “selling” the family home and “buying” a new one elsewhere. As for the FOUR PILLARS, only you can say YES or NO as I did not read it in your write up as such, so only you know the answer to that personally.


  3. Excellent observations, as always! We’re definitely on the same page here. “Real estate” it is – selling our present home, moving cross-State and buying a new one. We’re still renovating our current place, trying to bring up the value as much as possible, so the stress won’t start in earnest until the Spring-Summer period. What I’m really interested in is whether the first four cards are saying something about a housing-market crash. That could be a game-changer. Maybe we will get to enjoy all our home improvements for a while longer.


  4. Do you mean the: CROSS+MICE+CROSSROADS+BEAR?

    Position 1 is usually about your present situation – so information that is received that is a bit disappointing or not enough to put you at ease and it could be to do with info that is problematic or cannot be trusted or relied on as Rider falls on the house of Fox.

    The 4 cards in a row at the top indicate a compromise of some kind and/or that there could be the possibility of a lost opportunity. If you do have to make decisions or a choice – it could come at a cost or loss of some kind. For example, if an ideal opportunity arose to buy something in the new location first and unexpectedly, you may need to drop the selling price of where you are now. So, giving up something in order to have something else. Just be aware of that as it could be the case.

    As for the physical “moving” – there is no clarity on the “when” although ahead of you it looks like there will be trips made and you do actually think of it. The move. The house itself seems a solid venture and it looks like you will be using a Realtor and methods to make it reach a wider group of buyers if you choose to go ahead with it. So, there must be a certain order of things that have to happen first before you would actually move.

    As for the market crashing – anything could happen in this Economic climate.


    • I was thinking of the first three cards (Cross – Mice – Crossroads) in the sense that Andy Boroveshengra describes them: “a message for the querent.” I extrapolated that message to the Bear, where much of the action originates in this reading. Having to drop the price to meet market conditions is something we see as a distinct possibility, so we’re going to start high. I also don’t see a strong indication of timing here, all we have is our target date (or period, really) to go by.


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