“Being There” – A Personal Growth Spread

Being There Graphic.JPG

* This spread was inspired by an article (“The B’s”) on the Lorian Associations’s blog site (see sidebar link) by David Spangler, one of the original architects of the New Age. It describes modes of being appropriate to successfully navigating the coming year and beyond. Think of it as a model for personal growth.

The layout is designed to be used with the 22 Major Arcana or “trump” cards that represent archetypal qualities within the human psyche. Greater complexity can be achieved by using the full deck.

Choose a Significator card to represent the Querent; this can be selected purposely or randomly.

Foundation/”Centering” – How can I best achieve readiness to face the challenges ahead?

Aspiration/”Growth” – How can I position myself to make the most of my resources?

Optimization/”Fulfillment” – How can I realize my full potential for mundane and spiritual sublimation?

Cards #1 and #2 should be read as a “practical” pair; Cards #3 and #4 should be read as a “developmental” pair; the Significator should be read with Cards #1 and #2 as a “grounding” triangle, and with Cards #3 and #4 as an “exploratory” triangle; Cards #3, #4 and #5 should be read as the pinnacle of self-realization possible within the prevailing circumstances and with the resources at hand.

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