Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

I sometimes wonder how those of us who practice divination - especially those for whom "faith" is not the normal mode of approach to all things spiritual - reconcile what we believe to be true about our pursuits and what we're able to confirm as truth. The gap (the "disparity" of the title) between what … Continue reading Cheap Shots #29: Faith, Hope and . . . Disparity

The CBD Tarot de Marseille Deck Interview

Unfortunately, I missed my chance to pick up the self-published edition of Yoav Ben-Dov's brilliant Conver-based Tarot de Marseille while he was still alive. Fortunately, US Games has apparently acquired the license and has just released an admirable version of the CBD tarot at a reasonable price. I performed my "Personality Profile" deck interview spread … Continue reading The CBD Tarot de Marseille Deck Interview

Cheap Shots #28: Prediction vs. Divination

We've been having a spirited and occasionally contentious debate on one of the forums I frequent regarding the difference between divination and prediction (if there even is one), and which approach is most suitable for work with the tarot. A side issue is whether the proper role of a reader in discussing difficult cards is … Continue reading Cheap Shots #28: Prediction vs. Divination

Where Is Justin? A Missing-Person Spread

A young man from New Hampshire recently went missing in Guatemala while swimming alone across a lake. He was apparently checked on by people in a boat, said he was OK and continued his swim, but never returned. I have a missing-person spread that I've used successfully in the past to analyze such cases, … Continue reading Where Is Justin? A Missing-Person Spread

Further Musings on Temperance

Tarot author Tony Willis just posted a new article on auntietarot  about the 14th trump card, Temperance. ( Most of it is an exhaustive and well-written recapitulation of ideas that I've come across before, but I took one entirely new concept away from my reading of his observations: that of "reversibility." The thought is that … Continue reading Further Musings on Temperance