A Lenormand Grand Tableau Layout Map

If you’re like me, you have yet to memorize all 36 of the Grand Tableau house position titles to the point that you don’t need a cheat-sheet, even after using the GT for several years. The obvious solution is to buy a pre-printed GT spread cloth, and I tried to do that. But that won’t help if the house titles and numbers are covered up by the cards when you place them and, unless you use a mini deck, that’s almost sure to happen with all of the cloths I looked at. I had been using Laura Tuan’s oversized Lenormand Oracle to lay out a house template, but I got tired of doing that.

So I decided to create my own spread map with “sidebar” titles. I was going to get fancy with it, calligraphy and all, but in the end I just bought a piece of poster board, ruled in the 36 positions, printed labels with numbers and titles, and glued them on with rubber cement. As long as I can find a safe place to keep this so it won’t get damaged between readings, it should last me a while.



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