A 2017 World Series Postscript

I thought I would try an experiment to see if I could come up with a layout that would emulate a baseball box-score for the final game of the World Series. I used a Tarot de Marseille deck (the Hadar) because the non-scenic pips are easier to read as pure numbers. Since not many Major League baseball pitchers give up more than five runs in a single inning (the manager usually stops the hemorrhage before it gets that far), I pulled all of the Aces through Fives out of the deck to use for the scoring. This gave me twenty numbered cards, eighteen to populate the nine pairs of scoring boxes with two left over to serve as extra-innings “tie-breakers” if needed. I decided to treat reversed cards as “no score” innings for each team. Finally, because of the potential to accumulate double-digit final scores (which would be unusual at this high caliber of play), I decided to numerologically reduce any such totals to single-digit values. Here is the spread:

All images copyright Kris Hadar, Editions de Mortagne

As the visiting team, the Astros took the top row, with the Dodgers’ scoring shown in the bottom row. The inning-by-inning scoring is as follows:

Astros:      0-0-2-0-4-0-0-1-5 = 12

Dodgers:   0-5-1-0-3-0-4-0-2 = 15

Because a final score of 15-to-12 is unlikely, I reduced the results to “3” (1+2) for the Astros and “6” (1+5) for the Dodgers. (The “tie-breaker cards weren’t needed.) If the last half of the ninth inning doesn’t need to be played, the outcome would be 4-3 Dodgers. The results are in line with the prediction made in my previous reading for the game. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

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