An Astrological Thumbnail: Translation of Light

I just calculated a chart for a newborn that, while remarkable for several reasons, contains a “textbook” example of a translation of light scenario. First a definition for those unfamiliar with the concept, from On the Heavenly Spheres by Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro:

“Translation of light occurs when faster planet A separates from slower planet B and applies to planet C. In other words, planet A connects the other two in the same way that a relay racer might transport the characteristics of planet B to planet C.”

Although two possible effects are described, only the following one applies here:

“It establishes a connection that would not otherwise exist when the faster planet unites two that do not aspect each other.”

In this chart, Sun, Moon and Venus are all in Libra in the 11th House. The Moon is separating from a conjunction with Venus and applying to a conjunction with the Sun, while Venus is also applying to a conjunction with the Sun but will not catch up to it until January of 2018.

I also note that the Moon completes a sextile to Saturn just before conjuncting the Sun. The latter two are in a separating sextile,which means the aspect is dissolving, but later in the day the Moon separates from the sextile to Saturn while still applying to the conjunction to the Sun, thereby reinforcing the connection between the two and reactivating the emphasis of the sextile. This situation is a bit more tenuous than the previous one but still worth mentioning since it intervenes.

This Venus-Moon-Sun complex is a highly social combination (my first thought when I saw it was “social butterfly,” but my daughter once used the phrase “social slut” to describe herself – another Libra – that may be more fitting), even more so because of its 11th-House placement.  This young lady would seem to have a very agreeable – if slightly temperamental – personality. My other thoughts on this were “actress” (not only because it runs in the bloodline), and “Mama’s girl.” She will probably love to “dress up.” Here is the chart:

FRL Cropped.gif

Her social impulses and personal values (Venus) will be linked to her sense of self (Sun) through her emotions (Moon); she may self-identify strongly through her relationships. This is basically a “what you see is what you get” array; the deeper, more serious, side of her nature will be expressed by the Scorpio Ascendant and the presence of the two “mental” planets – Mercury and Jupiter – closely conjunct in Scorpio in the 12th House and both near the Part of Fortune (possibly a psychic streak of an investigative sort, with the Part of Fortune offsetting the possibility of runaway theorizing). If there is a challenge here at all, I could see the three of them together in the 12th as giving her a lively imagination and making her a vivid dreamer – and, with Scorpio, perhaps schemer – a tendency her easy-going Sun/Moon/Venus combination in Libra wouldn’t stand a chance against (although the square of pragmatic Mars in Virgo to sober Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius certainly would). Also consider amorphous Neptune in mystical Pisces in the 4th House, the “deepest part of the chart,” where she is most at home with herself. The plot thickens.

The sextile of the Sun to Saturn will also anchor her some. Her many friends would be wise not to take that charming veneer of sociability for granted. A bit of unpredictable “fire” may be added to the personality by the tight (and applying) opposition of the Sun to 5th-House Uranus in Aries (think “drama queen on steroids,” although the applying trine from Saturn will probably unwind that some). Finally, the square of 10th-House Mars in Virgo to 2nd-House Saturn in Sagittarius makes me think she might be a tough negotiator, especially with men and also with finances (Dad better watch his wallet!); Mars in Virgo in the 10th (which I have in my own chart) could make her an able technician or administrator.

As far as essential dignities, Venus is in its own sign of Libra, but the dispositor chain doesn’t go anywhere beyond that. The Sun is in its fall but doesn’t seem to suffer much thereby because of its interaction with Venus and the Moon (which may push it a bit into the background). Neptune is also well-placed in Pisces, although I don’t use it as a sign ruler. Note that all of the “personal planets” are above the horizon, exemplifying her connection with the social sphere.


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