A Finger-of-Fate Test Reading

As usual, I ran a test reading with the new spread I just posted to see how well it works.

I have a moderately challenging home repair task underway. The first half went well, and I’m finishing the rest of it today. I chose that project as my target, pre-selecting the Thoth “Work” card (3 of Disks, Mars in Capricorn) as my “situation” card.

The three-card “progress” line presented the 8 of Disks (“Prudence,” Sun in Virgo) the 9 of Disks (“Gain,” Venus in Virgo) and the Ace of Swords (“Root of the Power of Air”). What I want is a good, workmanlike result. What I need is a professional-looking outcome  that will satisfy prospective home buyers when we go to sell our house. What I get is the successful realization of the design I engineered for the repair.

The outcome card was the “Love” card (2 of Cups, Venus in Cancer). This looks like emotional fulfillment to me. I have no reason to expect anything less. To validate the “quintessence” concept, I calculated it using the three “progress” cards. (I didn’t include the “situation” card because I intentionally chose it.) The quint came up as the Moon, which shows that I could run into some unexpected complications. I think I’ll stick with the 2 of Cups!

Update: The rest of the job was uneventful, with few complications. As my Canadian grandmother would have said in her rustic dialect, “It’s beauty-full!” All that remains is the fine-tuning and clean-up. One data point does not make a viable system of divination, but the effectiveness of this spread here is encouraging.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

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