The “Soulmate Connection” Spread

Here’s something to have a little fun with. Although I think the term “soulmate” is shunned now in favor of “twin flame” (the New Age keeps right on a-rollin’, doesn’t it?), most people, single or otherwise, still wonder whether that fascinating individual they just met might be “The One.”  This is a way to check the odds using tarot cards. With a little tweaking of the position titles, I bet it could be used for things like business mergers too.

Use a separate deck for each “personal profile,” then derive a quintessence card from the four cards in each set. Next,  calculate a “Grand Quintessence” from the two individual quints. The nature of this card will show the kind of relationship that could result from a connection between the two parties. It’s also possible to compare the two personal quints and the eight “profile” cards to look for commonalities.

I tried this spread both with and without reversals, and it seems to perform better without.

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