The “Water Under the Bridge” Relationship Dynamics Spread

This spread is modeled on a spread created by Odete Lopez Mazza, as shown in the book Baralho Petite Lenormard-Metodo Alemao, and my own Troll Under the Bridge spread. I was struck by how much Mazza’s layout resembles a suspension bridge with towers and an arched span, complete with water running underneath. I renamed and renumbered the positions but kept a similar design. The spread was envisioned as a Lenormand spread with two “person” cards as Significators for the parties to a relationship, but it could also be used with any deck that has “people” cards and may even work for social entities like organizations. The spread positions should be self-explanatory. The idea behind the spread is to examine what each party offers in  a relationship, where their strengths and weaknesses lie as individuals, and where they may have to compromise or sacrifice something as the relationship develops. Reversals should not be used for Lenormand readings but are acceptable for tarot readings.

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