The Extrovert’s Tale

Although it looks like a road-kill turtle, this layout gives a pretty good indication of how the suppressed extrovert within me can find a way out. As shown by the Swords cards in the key positions of Spirit and Senses, I live quite happily – if self-critically – in my own head. But the majority of the “outside influence” cards are Cups, suggesting the insistent pull of emotional interaction. Except for one pair, there isn’t much going on between the contact cards at the corners of the spread.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The 4 of Swords and the 5 of Cups in the “action corner” make for a rather non-committal pair; both are insular and self-absorbed, tending to their own affairs. Activities resulting from their interaction aren’t likely to be very stimulating.

In the “thoughts corner,” the Knight of Wands may have “fire in his belly,” but the morose 8 of Cups quickly extinguishes it. The The man in the Eight is moving away on foot, and although the mounted knight might overtake him, there’s no chemistry there. Looks like another non-starter as far as reaching out for mental satisfaction. (As an aside, where I live offers almost no opportunity for the sort of intellectual exchange I crave. All past attempts have been abortive.)

The 5 of Wands and the 7 of Wands in the “goals corner” at least understand one another, but their path is one of unrelenting antagonism. Although the Seven shows gaining the moral high ground in the fray, I definitely don’t want to stay in “battle mode” all the time; it would most certainly wear me out and produce nothing constructive.

That leaves the King of Cups and Ace of Cups combo in the “feelings corner.” The Ace has abundant potential for gratifying emotional expansion under the amiable direction of the King. Remaining emotionally accessible – not an easy thing for an intellectual – seems like the most reliable way to get out of my shell.

I find it interesting that only one of four possible avenues for social growth offers anything worthwhile, and it’s the one that will be the most challenging for me to match speeds with. But therein lie its virtue and value. As I mentioned before, I’m a Water-sign-dominant personality, but the “front end” on that astrological complex is my Scorpio Ascendant, not the most inviting doorway into my confidence.

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