The Introvert is In

I performed psychological triage on myself using the “introvert-extrovert” map, mainly as a demonstration of the reading method (it didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know). I used the Chrysalis Tarot (really a tarot-oracle hybrid, but it behaved itself this time) for the introvert snap-shot, and the Gilded Tarot for the extrovert version. I didn’t use reversals. The extrovert reading will have to wait for another post.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The introvert layout was as follows: Spirit – Queen of Spirals (Wands), “The Muse;” Actions – 4 of Scrolls (Swords); Thoughts – 7 of Spirals (Wands); Feelings – the Sun; Goals – the Page of Spirals (Wands); Senses – The World (Psyche). I used a double-sided Sun/Moon pendant for the personal totem.

I will say that, for a Water-sign-dominant personality with a strong practical streak via Moon in Capricorn, there is precious little Water and Earth in this pull (in fact, precisely none). Those elements are represented only faintly by the Queen of Spirals (Water of Fire), the Page of Spirals (Earth of Fire) and The World (corresponding to Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn).

The spread is in the main fiery, with three Fire cards and the Sun. At this stage in my life, my psychological make-up is fueled largely by creative verve and ambition (but not of the material sort, Psyche already has that covered). This blog and my tarot practice are the most visible examples; although my early education was in art, my degree in business and my career in management, my craving for success has always lain in the realm of imaginative writing, and especially story-telling.

With that in mind, I took a long look at where any vulnerabilities may lie in this profile. The 4 of Scrolls is probably the weakest card in the spread because of its inertia; its a card of rest sitting in the middle of a firestorm. Although the connection is of little use to the purpose of this reading, it reminds me of a verse from the Fug’s song, When the Mode of the Music Changes:

But in the bitter end
This wildness brings me rest
I sleep in the eye of the storm
and in the startling end
blue-whiteness makes me calm
I dream in the eye of the wind

Unfortunately, dreaming and doing are two different things, and in the Action position that 4 of Swords could use a kick in the ass. It needs to stop meditating and start performing.

The 7 of Spirals, usually titled Valour,  is a marginally difficult card that indicates struggle against daunting odds. The number Seven represents taking a step in a new direction, but it’s often a faltering step, beset by tests and trials. In Wands, it is more in its element than in the other suits, since “fighting fire with fire” is its forte. But it can waste a lot of mental energy contemplating the next assault instead of blazing new trails. Although there can be a “Smokey-the-Bear” fixation on stomping out every ember, the advice is to battle only the most threatening conflagrations and let the inconsequential ones flicker out.

Although the Page of Spirals is long on enthusiasm and short on grit, the rest of the cards are all well-positioned for success. Tepid actions (4 of Swords) and restless thoughts (7 of Wands) need to be yoked together with consummate ingenuity to get the best out of both.

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