The Introvert-Extrovert Map

I’ve been running out of fresh ideas for “situational awareness and developmental insight” spreads, so I thought I would play a little game with myself. In Myers-Briggs space, I’m a card-carrying introvert (as if my natal horoscope isn’t proof enough), but my challenge in this lifetime is to become more socially engaged –  only in a personally meaningful way, of course. (I’ll never be a “party animal” or public crusader.)

I decided to create a pair of spreads, one that speaks to the needs of an introvert and the other aimed at facilitating the aims of an extrovert. In the first case, I call the result the “Cocoon Spread” since it embodies a “bunker mentality.” The idea is to find any “chinks in the armor” as shown by cards in any of the six positions that are weak or unfavorable to the integrity of that aspect of the personality. Ideally, the card(s) will show where neglect may have set in, and the type of attention that could correct any imbalance. (Hopefully, I won’t wind up with psychological “Swiss cheese!”)

The second spread I call the “Hive-Mind” Spread because the goal is to look for networking opportunities that will either open channels of communication (favorable cards) or clarify one’s boundaries and discourage unwanted incursions (weak or unfavorable cards). This spread expands into four areas of inquiry structured around elemental and planetary considerations in the areas of Desires (Fire/Mars-Venus), Ideas (Air/Mercury), Emotions (Water/Moon) and Works (Earth/Jupiter-Saturn). Each spread uses what I call a “Personal Totem” as the personification of the Sun; it can be either a Significator card chosen to represent the Querent, or a personal item similar to one that would be used in psychometry.

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