Experimental Daily Draw #2

As I continue coming up to speed with playing-card divination, I performed another expanded 3-phase daily draw using the Voyager Tarot, Caitlin Keegan’s Illuminated Tarot enhanced playing cards and the Messenger Oracle. Note that the Voyager departs from the common keyword nomenclature in use today, and also in much of its interpretive content.


The left-hand (Voyager) column shows the situational profile for the day (in this case, tomorrow), segmented into personal, social and universal  areas. The middle (Illuminated) column provides the practical “how-to” guidance for applying the energies of the tarot cards. The right-hand (Messenger) column gives suggested advice for making the most of the foregoing combinations.

The tarot column contains all even-numbered cards (taking the Sage of Wands as “14”). In his book The Tarot, Joseph Maxwell identified even numbers as striving to maintain balance (odd numbers are seeking it). Tomorrow should not be a day of surprises or upsets. (8 of Crystals/Swords; 2 of Cups; 6 of Wands; Sage of Wands; Emperor)

The playing-card column holds three red cards and two black cards; the preponderance of red suggests an agreeable day. (4 of Hearts; Ace of Clubs; 10 of Clubs; 4 of Diamonds; Ace of Hearts) There are two Fours (solid foundation, stability, grounded) and two Aces ((leadership and authority; change in the areas of life shown by the two suits, Clubs and Hearts – practical and emotional matters respectively)

The oracle column contains four cards that can only be called “dark-hued” and one “bright.” The advice of the dark cards is mainly neutral, while that of the bright one is more inspirational. (Card # 19, “Know you belong;” Card # 13, “Follow the Moon;” Card #12, “Focus, and then act;” Card #14, “Have courage;” and Card # 27, “Make the sacrifice”)

The top row shows the action focus for the day. I read it as: Maintain a balanced mind that is inventive, practical and versatile (8 of Crystals/Swords, Synthesis), while keeping an even temper and encouraging emotional stability (4 of Hearts); accept the appreciation of your peers with a glad heart (“Know you belong”).

The second row shows the mental/emotional focus for the day. I read it as: Stay on top of your emotional swings and remain mentally undisturbed by them (2 of Cups, Equilibrium), in preparation for a new venture or exercise of will (Ace of Clubs); listen intently to your feelings and trust your instincts (“Follow the Moon”).

The third row shows the spiritual/ethical focus for the day. I read it as: Trust in the human spirit and the universal bond of interdependence (6 of Wands, Trust), which could lead to achievement of your ambitions (10 of Clubs); be ready to move after brief deliberation (“Focus , and then act”).

The fourth row shows the attitudes and/or behaviors to expect when dealing with other people, either theirs or your own. I read it as: Embrace your personal power in the spirit of service through teaching or counseling, or through seeking such services, thereby purifying, healing and inspiring others or yourself (Sage of Wands); the Sage and  the 4 of Diamonds together suggest the positive meaning of “good advice from an older person;” the confidence of the Sage of Wands instills courage in dealing with others (“Have courage”).

The fifth row shows the possible intrusion of external influences on the day’s affairs; in a more proactive sense, I sub-title it “How should I greet the world today?” I read it as: Remain confident in your authority, integrity and moral rectitude, keeping one eye on civil affairs (Emperor), while tending to home, family and friendship matters (Ace of Cups) in a spirit of generosity and selfless giving (“Make the sacrifice”).

It’s becoming obvious that this spread offers a wealth of information for dealing with almost any eventuality during the course of the day, from practical, to psychological, to ethical, to social, to “big-picture.” It takes far longer to write it down than it does to analyze it. I may do one more to demonstrate the intricacies of it, but I think you get the idea.

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