A Weekly Situational Blueprint Spread

This weekly spread is an elaboration on the single-card daily draw. The seven diurnal  “blueprint” cards are laid out on the evening before the start of the week, and provide a day-by-day situational forecast for the period. Each morning during the week, a single “trigger” card is pulled for that day to draw the promise of the blueprint card into active expression, augmented and adjusted by the nature of  the motivating trigger. The two cards are to be read as a pair, one showing the circumstantial focus for the day, whether opportunity or risk, and the other imparting the action to make it a reality. In sports broadcasting terms, the blueprint card takes the part of the “color” commentator and the trigger card provides the “play-by-play” detail. If the outlook is unclear, a quintessence card can be mathematically derived for each day in question and read as a summary of the situation from a broader perspective. The urge to pull additional clarifier cards should be suppressed, since the quintessence applies the cards already on the table.

Correspondences can also be used to good effect with this spread. Elemental dignities, numerology, the astrological attributions of the cards, and the planetary character associated with each day of the week can all be brought to bear on the daily narrative. Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting an example reading for each day of the week to demonstrate the operation of this spread.


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