Lunar Month Look-Ahead for October

On the New Moon of each month, I perform a forecast for the impending lunar cycle using astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s 8-phase “lunation” model. The basis for the spread structure is described in the developer’s notes appended to the layout. Here is the result for October, 2017, using the Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus tarot, with reversals.

Lunar Look-ahead Spread

All images © 2015 M.M. Meleen

Although the purpose of these monthly readings is to monitor the likely “tone” of the upcoming circuit of the Moon through the zodiac rather than to predict specific events during the period, I use reversals to show where the pitch may be a little “off” during the affected phase(s). Plans may not go quite according to the script, or they may not get off the ground at all.

Each quarterly phase covers approximately one week, with a minor turning-point occurring roughly every 3-1/2 days. The four quarterly transitions are considered significant because they reflect four main astrological aspects between the Sun and the Moon: the conjunction (New Moon); the opposition (Full Moon), and the waxing and waning squares (the First and Last Quarters). The in-between minor phases are more akin to “mid-course correction” opportunities.

The Virgo New Moon (September 20-24) ushers in an emotionally dynamic couple of days with the Prince (Knight) of Cups. Cheerful optimism and equanimity abound, and things remain on the light side, despite Virgo’s “wet-blanket” reputation. After all, Water and Earth are highly compatible elements. As Dr. Pangloss told Candide, “Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.” (Or so it seems at this time.)

The Crescent phase (September 24-28)  harbors the Ace of Cups reversed, and the euphoria could stall a bit on this minor sour note. The Prince stumbles in his eagerness, and emotional assumptions that looked promising earlier may not pan out. The “seat-belt sign” goes on – could be  turbulence ahead.

The First Quarter Moon (September 28 – October 2) in Capricorn  holds the 5 of Wands reversed, and some simmering antagonism may erupt out of the background. Perhaps someone will be offended but won’t own up to it, or circumstances will become difficult to manage. Astrological squares are times of stress, so the traditional meaning of this card (“Strife”) is not out-of-line with that expectation. A disagreement may shatter the peace, and there could be a brief interlude of chaotic adjustment.

The Gibbous phase (October 2-5) brings in the 2 of Disks, implying that the “fire” will go out of the uncomfortable scenario inspired by the 5 of Wands, resulting in more orderly developments of a practical nature. The juggling of weekly priorities should go well for now.

The Full Moon in Aries (October 5-9) shows a period of retrenching as coordinated progress fizzles out in disarray with the 10 of Swords, necessitating a return to the drawing board. Whatever came undone can’t be redressed, so moving on quickly is the wisest choice.

The Disseminating phase (October 9-12) invites the Fool to work his regenerative magic, picking up the slack left by the ruinous 10 of Swords. While not exactly “fun,” its fresh perspective and firm if negligent step could be balm to frayed nerves.

The Last Quarter Moon (October 12-15) in Cancer, another instance of potential strain, presents the Moon reversed; the veiled Moon in a darkening sky doesn’t bode well for clarity. Whatever the Fool thought he saw, it wasn’t reality. The Pink Floyd album title “Obscured by Clouds” comes to mind. Treading cautiously is imperative.

The Balsamic phase (October 15-19) hosts Adjustment (Justice, Libra’s “enforcer”) reversed. Looks like the Moon lies and the judge believes her. The “fix is in,” and shady deals could be going on in the twilight. It’s difficult to come down on the side of justice when the judge has been hoodwinked and the jury can’t even read the warrant without a flashlight. A certain gullibility is implied by this combination – the Fool’s dilemma come home to roost. The month closes on an uncertain note, with many loose ends to weave together. The advice for the last half of the cycle is not to start something that can’t be finished quickly and without controversy.

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