Experimental Daily Draw #1

I’m not a fan of reading other people’s daily draws. They present an overly personal and mundane inventory of dirty laundry that usually makes me yawn. I stopped doing simple daily draws for myself a long time ago since they weren’t telling me much of value. But recently I find that performing more complex pulls on a daily basis, often bringing together two or more decks, is a fine way to use the cards in a multi-faceted array and learn from their dynamic interplay. These exercises are meant to show the “tone” of a given day from various angles, not as an attempt to predict the occurrence of specific events; I learned early in my practice that seeking this level of specificity from the tarot is putting too fine a point on divination. There is too much fluidity and uncertainty in daily circumstances to be pinned down with any confidence by a single scrap of evidence.

For some time now I’ve been using an expanded version of my “3-Phase Daily Orientation Spread” for this purpose.

3-Phase Daily Orientation Spread

This started as a five-card draw offering a detailed perspective on daily affairs from three discrete viewpoints:  a personal focus on action-based, mental/emotional and spiritual factors; a social focus on direct interaction with others;  and a trans-personal focus on background influences from the world-at-large. I used the Voyager Tarot in the early stages of this initiative, then added the graphically, chromatically and dimensionally compatible Messenger Oracle to the reading as an “advice” stipulation for each tarot card. Now, as I work my way into an understanding of playing-card divination, I’ve brought in Caitlin Keegan’s  Illuminated Tarot enhanced playing-card deck as a kind of nuts-and-bolts intermediary between the psychological emphasis of the Voyager cards and the pragmatic but open-ended flavor of the oracle. Consider it a “how-to” manual for evolving from the abstract to the actionable.

Here is the first example of this experiment:


Self-focus Triad:

Top Line (Action Focus) – 4 of Worlds (Commencement), 3 of Hearts, Oracle Card #2 (“Be patient”)

This series forms a “descending set” (4-3-2), suggesting the need for increased stability, creativity and cooperation during the course of the day. The 4 of Worlds (Coins) signifies making a solid start; the 3 of Hearts cautions about avoiding impulsiveness; and the oracle card reinforces the idea of steadiness and perseverance.

Second Line (Mental/Emotional Focus) – 4 of Cups (Anger), 2 of Spades, Oracle Card #10 (“Embrace the feminine”)

The 4 of Cups implies acute dissatisfaction with the growth potential of the status quo, along with the risk of overreaction; the 2 of Spades carries the notion of a removal or separation; and the oracle card suggests taking a conservative, patient and non-confrontational stance. It looks like refraining from irritability could shield me from a source of increased displeasure today.

Third Line (Spiritual Focus) – 6 of Crystals (Confusion), 10 of Diamonds, Oracle Card #21 (“Know your power”)

The 6 of Crystals indicates the ability to see and transcend the duality of life, reconciling conflicts and embracing the whole; the 10 of Diamonds  shows fortunate changes, satisfaction, fulfillment and success with money, as well as the possibility of a trip; and the oracle card promotes self-awareness and playing to one’s strengths. Perhaps my on-line divination service will take off or my local reading venue (which I travel to) will awaken from its present slow period.

“Other-focus” Line:

Social Forecast – Man of Crystals (Inventor), 8 of Diamonds, Oracle Card #33 (“Respect your boundaries”)

The attributes of the Man of Crystals that should be brought to bear on social interaction are heightened awareness, open-mindedness, resourcefulness and calmness; the 8 of Diamonds portends exchange of information, which favors the virtues of the tarot suit of Crystals (Swords), as well as good news (especially about money and finances); the oracle card advises not letting my reach exceed my grasp, and recognizing my limits in all matters. I’m reminded of the chorus from the Georgia Satellites’ song: “Don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself.”

“Outer-world Focus” Line:

“Big-Picture” Outlook – Hermit, King of Hearts, Oracle Card #36 (“Seek your answers within”

The unwritten sub-title for this position is “How should I greet the world today?” The Hermit here echoes the idea of “maintaining silence” presented in my last post, and keeping my own counsel while conducting external affairs; the King of Hearts (representing good advice and support that is long on action and short on talk) “heartily” seconds that attitude; the oracle card even more emphatically endorses an inward focus. This does not look like a day for enthusiastic but uncritical outreach.

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