A Psycard Prediction Scenario

I recently received a set of Psycards, and have been eager to create a spread that makes specific use of their strengths. The deck contains several “archetype” cards (Father, Mother, Fool, Sage and Warrior) that can be put to good use in defining a querent’s most advantageous approach to any matter of interest. There are also Yes, No, Now and Never cards that support a conclusion regarding the likelihood or imminence of success in the situation. I performed a test reading to evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of the spread; my interpretation follows the graphic.


Psycard Friendship Spread.JPG

I asked whether the struggling friendship we have with our neighbors will fail.

The Archetype card is the Warrior, indicating the need for a proactive, forceful stance in dealing with the situation. The advice here is to not give any ground in handling it. The key phrase for this card is ” a winner, a man of action.”

For the Significator, I chose the topical card, Friendship.

Card #1, the risk in the situation, is Liberation. What’s at stake here is freedom of choice. We no longer want to be obligated to frequently swapping dinner engagements, and they have developed a fondness for our wide-screen TV that seems to be fueling their push to visit regularly. The key phrase for this card is “What frees you,” and the price may be burning the bridge behind us.

Card #2, the “withdrawal” card, is Money, with its keyword “Wealth.” No exchange of cash is involved here, but the neighbor husband doesn’t want to spring for a better TV or an HBO account; he would rather ride on our coat-tails in the guise of friendship. We need to leave that vulnerability behind.

Card #3, the “aspiration” card, is Fortune, with its key phrase “Your special destiny.” I’d say the destiny we aspire to is to create some space between us and the neighbors.

Card #4, that which will be gained, is The Beast. The key phrase for this card is “What you fear.” Gaining fear doesn’t seem like an attractive development. Perhaps an excess of caution is more applicable.

Card #5, that which will be lost, is the Stars, with its key phrase “aspiration and ambition.” There is no doubt that our previous desire to the nourish the friendship has cooled to the point of anathema. The scales have fallen from our eyes. It reminds me of the Bruce Hornesby song, “The End of the Innocence.”

The Verdict card was “Yes,” with its key phrase “Go ahead.” While it would have been possible to just pull a single card from the four possibilities as a Yes-or-No answer, having more detail fleshes out the picture.

I will be posting a deck review for the Psycards when I get around to it.

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