Cheap Shots #16: What Do You Call a Group of Virgos?

Every species of animal has its unique collective nomenclature (a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, an obstinacy of bison, a brood, flock, cluck or peep of chickens, etc.), so why not astrological natives? Since I have seven or eight Virgos in my life, I figured that’s a good place to start. (Please don’t take this personally, y’all!) How about:

A precision of Virgos

A perfection of Virgos

An analysis of Virgos

An efficiency  of Virgos

A  thoroughness of Virgos

A persistence of Virgos

A contention of Virgos

An inquisition of Virgos

A criticism of Virgos

A grievance of Virgos

A triviality of Virgos

A klatch (or “cluck”) of Virgos

A meddle of Virgos

A worry of Virgos

A prudence of Virgos

A caution of Virgos

A diffidence of Virgos

An abnegation of Virgos

A subservience of Virgos

An obligation of Virgos

A duty of Virgos

A martyrdom of Virgos

A giggle of Virgos . . . wait, scratch that!

Our daughter once bought my wife a plaque that read “Raising a teen-ager is like being pecked to death by chickens.” Virgo chickens . . .

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