Update – Travel Event Charts

Sometimes astrology can be very literal. The outbound phase of our vacation travel went smoothly in that there were no air-travel “situations” at any of the airports. However, I was watching that 12th-House Mars in Virgo closely and it didn’t disappoint.

Mars rules irritability, Mercury has an association with both Air and Earth, and if I remember my astro-physiology (I’m away from my reference library), Virgo has to do with the bowels. A man in the row right in front of us clearly had something like that going on. He released an eye-watering cloud of noxious gas from his nether regions once every five minutes for over two hours, making our trip miserable. We actually had to hold our noses for a couple of minutes each time. It didn’t taper off until he made two lengthy visits to the bathroom.

Talk about “Mars Attacks!” (Julie Demboski said it well: “Martian energy can feel like an assault even if the Mars person never lays a hand on you.”)

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