Travel Event and Transit Charts – Part 2

Most trips have a return leg, so I repeated the previous process, casting an event chart for the flight back and matching it to our natal charts.

Regarding the event itself, things look much more promising this time. Mercury and Mars, both direct and now legitimately conjunct in Virgo, are in the 9th House of long-distance travel along with Venus, the Lesser Benefic, and the Part of Fortune. The Sun is in Virgo in the 10th House, while the Moon is in Gemini in the 7th and trine “by sign” (although not degree) to Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, in Libra in the 11th. This time around, all of the personal planets are above the horizon along with Jupiter. A slightly loose Venus-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine in Fire signs now appears in the event chart, with Venus applying to both Saturn and Uranus and Saturn in turn applying to Uranus. Astrologically, I like it, although Sun square 1st-House Saturn suggests some possible challenges. Traditionally, points in space don’t make or receive aspects, but I kind of like Saturn trine the 9th-House PoF here, and the tight applying trine from Venus to Saturn also helps smooth things over. Moon square 4th-House Neptune in Pisces doesn’t bother me much since they’re separating (I don’t think it means a water landing).

Inbound Vacation Flight Cropped.gif

The most interesting thing about the comparison of the event chart to my natal map is the almost exact mirroring of the chart structures. The event Ascendant is identical to mine within 22 minutes of arc, and the Midheaven is the same within less than two degrees, while the Capricorn-Cancer intercept is repeated but populated only by Pluto. My wife asked what this means and I said that either the trip will be very agreeable to me, or that I will have reached the end of a cycle. Not the right thing to say, I guess.

Once again, the 9th House is very active, with Mercury and Mars pulling together a little more cooperatively, and the former is now dignified in its sign of rulership as well as being in its own term. Mercury in fact disposits all of the traditional planets as well as Uranus and Pluto, although Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces. Ebertin’s comments about Mercury-Mars combinations from the previous analysis still apply. Transiting 1st-House Saturn remains conjunct my natal Jupiter, which is  dominant in its own sign, and transiting Jupiter in Libra is sextile both of them, so Saturn is even less of a concern to me here.

My Inbound Transits Cropped.gif

My wife’s inbound transits emphasize the 5th House of “pleasure,” with the Mercury-Mars conjunction and the Sun placed there. Mercury and Mars are still square her 1st House Mercury-Sun-Jupiter complex, and Mercury is dignified as noted above. That dignified Mercury may be the standout feature here for a travel event. For what it’s worth, at the time of departure, transiting Moon is coming up on a conjunction with natal Mars (kind of a “trigger” event) and transiting Sun is trine the natal 9th-House Part of Fortune. Only Uranus is in the “weak” 12th House but it isn’t doing much, and nothing is in the similarly weak 8th House; the 6th House, third of the traditionally weak houses, harbors only transiting Jupiter, which is conjunct her natal 6th-House Saturn and Neptune. Overall, this seems like a fairly innocuous chart.

Her Inbound Transits Cropped.gif


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