Travel Event and Transit Charts

With Mercury going stationary direct at 28° Leo on September 5th, only 29 minutes after our outbound vacation flight is scheduled to depart, and the fact that it will be within two degrees of an applying across-sign conjunction with transiting Mars at that time (although it won’t enter Virgo until September 10th or catch up to Mars until late on September 16th), I thought it would be interesting to cast a few charts for the time of the 7:00 AM flight.

I ran an event chart at the airport coordinates for the date and time first, and the results in traditional astrological terms were rather dire. Retrograde Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant, was in the 12th House along with Sun and Mars. Deborah Houlding says of the 12th House:

“Traditionally . . . it is a wholly unfortunate house, associated with sad events, sorrow, anguish of mind, tribulation, captivity, imprisonment, persecution, hard labour, all manner of affliction and self-undoing. In conflicts or unfortunate events it suggests the work of saboteurs, unhelpful fateful influences or unknown elements of destruction. The Sun in the 12th house in the chart for an unfortunate event may show that underlying factors do not come to light or public knowledge.”

Since Mercury is still retrograde at our departure time, I’m thinking something may be going on at the airport that will cause a delay. (Damn all those hungover holiday travel saboteurs trying to make their way home!) Mars is also opposed the Pisces Moon within a couple of degrees at the time (conflicts with the public), while the 9th House ruler, Venus, appears to be peregrine (“wandering”) in Leo. As they have been for a while, Jupiter and Saturn are in a fairly tight sextile, while Mercury is applying to both a loose trine with Saturn and a tight one with Uranus, forming a moderately fortunate Grand Trine in Fire signs. Just before crossing into Virgo on the same day, Mars will have been closely trine to Uranus as well. I don’t use Uranus much any more, but it does rule airplanes, so I see all of these trines as hopeful. It’s interesting that Saturn is transiting the event chart 4th House, which could be considered the house of Homeland Security, and the house ruler, Jupiter, is widely opposed retrograde Uranus. I’m wondering whether the TSA may have an air-travel “situation” on their hands.

vacation event chart.gif

However, in terms of personal impact from “sky events,” I only pay close attention to how the transits interact with natal chart features, so I created transit charts for both me and my wife. In my case, the Mercury-Mars pair is in the 9th House of long-distance travel, and retrograde Mercury in Leo is forming an applying sextile to my natal Uranus (with transiting Uranus retrograde in Aries doing the same from the other side) and also an applying trine to my natal Jupiter (to which natal Uranus is opposed). Transiting Mars is trining my natal Moon in early Capricorn. Except for the Moon, all of the transiting personal planets are elevated in the chart.

Of the positive manifestations of Mercury-Mars combinations, Reinhold Ebertin says:

“Powers of thought; the realisation of thoughts and plans. The achievement of successes through the spirit of enterprise and the power of determination.”

Overall it doesn’t look too terrible for an air-travel scenario. However, transiting Mercury is applying to a square with my Ascendant, so I may experience some anxiety. The Mars square, on the other hand, is across signs and thus less potent.

My Vacation Transits Cropped.gif

In my wife’s case, Mercury and Mars are in her natal 4th House, which for the purpose of this analysis I’m calling “Homeland Security,” and Mercury is squaring her Ascendant while Mars is square her 1st-House Mercury, Sun and Jupiter, making me think she might have a hard time at airport security; however, Mars is about to pass into the 5th House, so maybe she will luck out. Since transiting Jupiter is conjunct her natal Saturn in Libra while transiting Saturn is in a tight sextile to its natal counterpart, there should be no real problem, just inconvenience. Transiting 11th-House Moon in Pisces (signifying the “general public” – and probably whining to boot), is squaring her 1st-House complex, so at worst she may hold up the queue. The 9th-House ruler, Saturn in Sagittarius in her 7th House, is not in bad shape, forming a close Fire Grand Trine to natal Venus and Pluto, easing its harsh authoritarian potential..

Her Vacation Transits Cropped.gif



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