The “Sword and Shield” Decision-Making Spread

This is an earlier and more complex 15-card version of the "active-or-passive" decision-making spread I previously posted as the Balance of Forces spread. It is a study in its own right, in that it uses a qabalistic Tree of Life format with my own take on Adam Kadmon, the "Heavenly Man," standing within the Tree … Continue reading The “Sword and Shield” Decision-Making Spread

“Cheap Shots” #13 – 2150 or Bust

There is a thread on the Astrologers' Community forum titled "Is Anyone Else Tired of Waiting for the Age of Aquarius to Take Effect?" Consensus among the numerous commenters is that the poor, benighted OP missed the boat somewhere. Personally, I'm not so sure. I understand that, sidereally, the Age of Aquarius will begin around … Continue reading “Cheap Shots” #13 – 2150 or Bust

“In the Court of the Crimson King” 3-D Elemental Matrix

This isn't a spread per se, it's a simpler substitute for the initial step of the "First Operation" of the Golden Dawn's Opening of the Key method. Instead of separating all 78 cards into four stacks and finding the Significator, only sixteen cards including the Significator are selected for the matrix, four in each elemental … Continue reading “In the Court of the Crimson King” 3-D Elemental Matrix