“In the Court of the Crimson King” 3-D Elemental Matrix

This isn’t a spread per se, it’s a simpler substitute for the initial step of the “First Operation” of the Golden Dawn’s Opening of the Key method. Instead of separating all 78 cards into four stacks and finding the Significator, only sixteen cards including the Significator are selected for the matrix, four in each elemental pile. The pile where the Significator turns up is used in the same way as the OOTK step to determine the nature of the question, but only the four cards in that location are read as a “story.” Each position has elemental, astrological and court card signatures assigned to it as shown in the matrix, which should be read as background qualities for the card in that position. For example, the Ace of Swords in the King of Wands position would take on the impatient, authoritative and decisive attitude of the King, the Fire of Fire elemental urgency and the passion and vigor of Mars and Sun in the action-oriented Fire triplicity of the zodiac. It would have absolutely no hesitation in making a decision.

3-D Elemental Spread

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