The “Double Whammy” Yes-or-No Spread

This is an intense little spread that is more complicated than it looks. It uses only the 56 suit cards and also two standard dice, and is designed around the astronomical Earth-Sun-Moon cycle. The waxing lunar cycle builds toward “Yes” and the waning cycle fades toward “No.” The idea is to first lay out the six cards and weigh each Moon-related card in its “lunar phase” position to see if the combination of card strength and position suggests a “Yes” or “No;” the Sun position is generally regarded as a qualified “Yes” unless it holds a weak card and is heavily overruled by the balance of the testimony. A preponderance of one type or the other will provide the applicable verdict, while a mixed result will yield a “no decision” outcome.

Once the cards have been read, roll the two dice to obtain a “second opinion.” If the cards are inconclusive and the dice roll is strong in one direction or the other, that result will take precedence. If the dice are also ambivalent, no conclusion will be offered by the reading.

Because this spread doesn’t make use of card meanings, only suit, number and rank, it is ideal for use with non-scenic “pip” decks like the Tarot de Marseille.

Double Whammy Yes-or-No Spread

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