Eclipse Mania

There are two ways to look at transiting “sky events.” The more common one is to see how they relate to the natal chart positions of a person, organization, country, etc. If there are no meaningful contacts, there are usually no events (and quite often there are no events even when there are such contacts; astrology can be subtle). I typically don’t pay attention to eclipses in a personal sense unless they tie into an existing natal chart by aspect or are significantly placed in a new nativity. There are no major aspects from this one in my own horoscope, so privately I’m giving it a big yawn (except as a spectacle). Astrologically, it stirs me about as much (that is to say, as little) as Mercury going retrograde.

The second way is in the realm of mundane astrology, where a broader perspective is taken. This is the area I would pay attention to for the coming solar eclipse, in addition to seeing how it ties into your USA birth-chart of choice – Ebenezer Sibly’s Sagittarius-rising version or the Gemini-rising one. I will probably create a horary event chart for the instant of totality to see what it shows, or maybe I will just go re-read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court during the eclipse. Mark Twain knew the effect of total solar eclipses on superstitious minds.


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