2017 Solar Eclipse in the Sibly USA Chart

I just compared the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse chart to the Sibly USA birth-chart. The degree of the eclipse in the USA 9th House is opposed the USA natal Moon within a little more than one degree. Looks like a time of great emotional unrest (but also awareness), hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth. It will probably embolden the anti-Trump political cause.

I also notice that the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Uranus on August 21 is just a little short of the USA natal Moon degree of 27° Aquarius 10′. Reinhold Ebertin says of this midpoint “Irritability and inhibition; tension.” His Sociological Correspondence is “violent people.” Saturn-Uranus = Moon gives “Strong emotional tensions and strains, states of depression, inconstancy – the sudden desire to liberate oneself from emotional stress, separation from members of the female sex.” The angular separation between transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and transiting Uranus in Aries is too great at 127° to be considered trine, but the midpoint nearly conjunct the natal Moon brings this into the realm of reason. Perhaps an upset to the system is in order. But – with both Saturn and Uranus retrograde – the two planets are separating from the trine rather than applying, so this may not come to a head.

One more random thought: both the 3rd House and the 9th House are “travel” houses. With the recent media attention over Al Qaeda’s threat to target US subway systems (which are 3rd House), I think I would be on the alert for Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning rush-hour subway attacks directed from a 9th-House distance.

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