Location is Everything

As most experienced tarot readers know, the cards are less than stellar at identifying where an event forecast in a reading is likely to take place. Locations determined solely from the images are often far afield from the reality of the querent’s circumstances. A related question is where a missing item has concealed itself. I blended the directional model  of horoscopic astrology with the methods of tarot to come up with two spreads that tackle this challenge.

The first one is aimed at predicted events and uses the counterclockwise rotation of the astrological house system, beginning in the East, to show a range of possible locations for their occurrence. It merges the meanings of the astrological quadrants with the elemental nature of the cards related to those quadrants to come up with general target areas. This spread was featured in the Summer issue of the American Tarot Association’s quarterly journal.

The second one uses a similar spatial orientation, but joins the basic house meanings with the derived positions of horary astrology to pinpoint specific locations within the home or beyond where a misplaced item might be found. These brief interpretations have been loosely adapted for tarot from the work of John Frawley in The Horary Textbook (Apprentice Books, 2005).

Sundial Location Spread

Lost and Found Complete


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