What’s Your Style?

This question is more about personality than professional demeanor. What is the best “face” to present to clients when reading in-person? Sunny and breezy? Casual and friendly? Confident and focused? Sympathetic and upbeat? Clever and glib? Solemn and serious? Wise and scholarly? Perhaps a pinch of each?

Personally, I’m about as far from the description of “sage” as I could possibly get and still maintain my professional credibility.  On the other hand, any Water-sign dominant, Scorpio-rising person isn’t very likely to be described as “breezy.” Casual, friendly, confident and focused are my main modes of deportment when reading in public; sometimes I cross the line into “clever” if I’m fashioning a particularly inspiring metaphor or analogy to make a point, but I hold the line on glibness. I always try to take my cue from the sitter’s demeanor. If they seem apprehensive, I will be more gentle and less energetic; if they seem interested and thoroughly engaged, I’ll turn up the animated charisma a bit.

I’m fond of saying that reading in public is as much a performance art as it is a helping effort. I never tire of the interaction I experience with my sitters, and am energized rather than fatigued by what I consider a “mutual voyage of discovery,” even after doing a string of back-to-back readings. It’s the dialogue that makes it so much fun and not the least bit like work, which is what keeps me going. (It’s certainly not the money.) As I transition into on-line reading, it will be interesting to see how much of my personal style translates into text; I’ve already had some opportunity to exercise that with forum “practice reading” contributions.

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