The “Palace of Joys and Sorrows” Conditional Awareness Spread

Here is another spread that uses a three-part separation of the deck into trumps-only, court-only and minors-only sub-packs, each with a different focus in the reading. It’s built on the idea of a “best-case/steady-state/worst-case” scenario in each of three areas – Central Issue or Conflict, Key Player or Quality, and Functional Status of the situation and any developing trends – with the testimony shading one way or the other in each area according to the helpful or unhelpful nature of the cards involved. The “bottom line” is derived from reading the three central cards in combination, and although I didn’t mention it, a “quint” or synthesis card can be calculated from this set as a summary outcome. It’s also a suitable spread for use of Elemental Dignities.

Palace of Joys and Sorrows

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