The “Converging Lives” Probability Spread

One question that’s frequently asked is “Does my ex want to get back together with me?” I didn’t have a single spread that was great for looking at reconciliation potential so I created this one. However, it addresses the entire span of an up-and-down relationship: Round #1 (Attraction/Convergence/Connection) shows the first time through and is intended to reflect the history of a relationship that has already entered Round #2 (Divergence/Disconnection followed by Reconciliation Potential), which in turn covers the growing apart, the eventual break-up and prospects for reconnection. Only ten of the twelve cards are drawn; the other two are derived quintessence cards for the two parts of the layout. This spread is not meant for new relationships. Also, it doesn’t provide a “Yes” or “No” answer, just an assessment of  likely developments at each phase.

P3F-Converging Lives Spread

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