Maxwell and Cirlot: Numbers Don’t Lie

I’ve been working with the numerological ideas of Joseph Maxwell and the geometric graphics of J.E. Cirlot to come up with a new model for interpreting the Tarot de Marseille pip cards. This involves Maxwell’s isomorphs of the first four numbers, and Cirlot’s metaphysical interpretations of the point, line, cross, triangle, square and circle. I’ve been blending these concepts by inscribing the TdM pip cards with sets of geometric figures expressing the numerological values for the various structures in each card’s design. I have a paper under review for publication, so won’t go into detail here. But I’m attaching a couple of samples to show what it looks like.


Inscribed TdM 9 of CupsTdM 10 of Pentacles InscribedTdM Inscribed Aces.JPG

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