Window to Another World

I no longer remember where this came from, but it offers helpful advice for the unalloyed (if there is such a thing) use of intuition in reading tarot cards. Personally, I agree fully with the last sentence but find the rest just a little too ingenuous, since human mental activity – no matter how inspired, imaginative or divorced from logic – is still primarily knowledge-and-experience based; that’s how we learn and grow from infancy onward. You can’t free-associate fluently from an image unless you have a basic grounding in the shared philosophical, sociological and historical conventions underlying its design. Every flight of fancy requires some kind of conceptual “launch-pad” or it becomes simply idle “mind-fluff,” the kind of fantastical vision we bring to cloud-gazing. Anyway, to the point . . .

“I have been asked . . .

. . . how I do it – the one card readings that make them feel like I crawled into their heads and read their thoughts . . .

So there you have a querent. Someone who wants to know something. Someone who seeks an answer. Or just someone who wants the fun of a reading. Whatever.

You are going to read.

You choose a deck. For whatever reason – either because it is familiar to you, speaks to you or because you want to change. (My preference is for fully illustrated decks as unillustrated does not allow me the same way of reading – you’ll see why.

A card is pulled. Just one.

Look at it. It is a window to another world.

This world might be familiar or strange, weird things might be happening in it or things you know well.

Remember, you chose that deck and pulled the card for your querent. It is his world you are looking into.

I do not let myself be bothered by fixed card meanings.

Try it: let yourself be drawn into the card, into the glimpse of the world shown there. The figures, animals, plants, landscapes, buildings shown there. The weather… the atmosphere. When you get drawn in, you will be more attracted by an element of the card – whatever it is – follow the attraction.

Feel. Is it a person? What does this person feel, think, want, dream, resent, love, hate, fear in the situation it is in? Same for any other element. Feel. Do not try to reason it.

Dress your feelings in words. Describe what you felt – not your thoughts. Let yourself be led by the card, not by what you think this card should mean. Let yourself be carried by this glimpse of a foreign world… (unillustrated does not work so well for me because I have nothing where I can dive into – but maybe after this post i will try it!)

Anyone up for a journey free of book meanings? You might discover that you get close to the book meanings after all, but coming from a new angle . . . “

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