Octile House Divisions in Astrology

In the mid-1970s, my brother and I were involved in the Hartford, CT astrological community, and we were also deeply absorbed in exploring the work of Reinhold Ebertin and the German Cosmobiologists. The German astrologers held that only the eight “hard aspects” show any outward manifestation in the life of a native, those defined by angles of 0° (conjunction), 180° (opposition), 90° (waxing and waning squares), 45° (waxing and waning semi-squares) and 135° (waxing and waning sesqui-quadrates). My own impression was that, for the Germans, even the conjunction and opposition were a bit suspect as being “too soft.”

We were also heavily influenced by the psychological astrology of the time, especially that of Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones. The 45° intervals of the Cosmobiologists’ aspect model echoed the eight-fold division of Rudhyar’s “Lunation Cycle” and gave us the idea of creating an eight-division house system in which the 45° points became sensitive transition zones in a chart. We had no idea that the Greeks as far back as the 2nd Century C.E. were using an eight-house system called the oktotopos, but with a clockwise rather than counter-clockwise rotation. Sidereal astrologer Cyril Fagan addressed this at one point in his career:


We came up with a design that adopted the traditional chart axes as “Self-Awareness” (Ascendant/Descendant) and “Self-Realization” (Midheaven/IC) polarities and then devised two more axial pairs to fill out the picture. The project never advanced beyond a crude sketch of the system, but we hope to revisit it someday. In the meantime, here it is:

Octile Chart Factors.JPG

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