The “Celestial Mirror” Hopes and Fears Spread

My favorite tarot spread, the Celtic Cross – in any of its incarnations – has always dealt unconvincingly with the subject of the querent’s hopes and fears. Rolling both of them together into one position, as Waite did in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, was a head-scratcher because you never knew whether you had one or the other, and a single card seldom sufficed to explain both. Some people simply draw two cards for that position and read them as polar opposites. Eden Gray did better by splitting them up between Position #7 and Position #9, and in my own version (posted earlier) I took it a step further by transforming her model into something a bit more psychologically revealing. But I always felt that, if hopes and fears are a crucial element of the situation, they really deserve their own spread. Here is my attempt.

Planetary Patterns Spread

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