Like Night and Day . . .

As an astrologer, I’m fascinated with creating tarot spreads that mimic the diurnal path of the Sun through the sky. Here are three of them. For me, the main “diurnal” spread is Eden Gray’s version of the Celtic Cross (see The Tarot Revealed), in which the time line starts at “Midnight” (the “beneath” position, or “distant past”), passes over the Eastern horizon at “Dawn” (“behind,” or “the “recent past”), crosses the meridian at “Noon” (“above,” or the “present”), and completes its travel on the Western horizon at “Sunset” (“before, or the “near future”). I never use Significator facing to determine the flow (in fact, I no longer use the Significator with this spread), so the direction of reading is always clockwise.

Light and Shadow Spread

Diamond Sky Spread

Sundial Location Spread

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