The “Luck and Prosperity” Spread

I was following up on something I read about Hindu iconography, and decided to create a “good luck” spread around the idea.

The word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit root swasti which is composed of su, meaning “good, well,” and asti meaning “it is, there is.” The word swasti occurs frequently in the Vedas, and it means “well, good, auspicious, luck, success, prosperity.” Swastika is a derived word and connotes a form of welcome or a sign of something “associated with well-being.” According to Monier-Williams, a majority of scholars consider it a solar symbol, and in the ancient Indian texts the base swasti is equivalent to “may it be well with thee! hail! health! adieu! so be it!” The sign implies something fortunate, lucky or auspicious, and when applied to entrances, doors, mandalas or object it denotes or reminds of auspiciousness or well-being.

Luck and Prosperity Spread


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