Tell Me No Lies

Many people like to conduct a “new deck interview” with every addition to their stable as a way to get a feel for its overall tone and ease of use. This is my version; it can be used for decks you’ve owned for a while as well. Everyone likes to talk about themselves!

Update: The spread graphic has been expanded and upgraded to match the text.

5 thoughts on “Tell Me No Lies

  1. Today I decided to use this spread on a couple of decks (thanks a lot by the way, this spread is way more interesting than the typical deck interview ‘spread’) and the results were enriching.
    The last deck I tried it with is the Thoth, which I acquired some time ago, but didn’t use very much as of yet (because I want to be able to study the symbolism properly).
    Of course I had heard of the ‘tendency’ of the Thoth to be a really blunt deck, that doesn’t do in fluffy fluff. But I still wasn’t expecting it to be so true hahaha! In the Swords/Voice row, I got : 10 of Wands, 9 of Swords and 3 of Swords. Also in the Tone column of the Cups row, I got the 5 of Cups!
    Oh well, this spread is called ‘Tell me no lies’ and I’m pretty sure the Thoth will be good at that. I was already feeling some timidity mixed with respect for it and it increased some more! At least I also got from this spread that I would be able to work with this deck, as long as I’m not expecting soft readings. So all is fine by me! Thanks again for this blog and sorry if my English is weird (I’m not a native speaker).

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    • The Thoth is by far my favorite deck and has been for over four decades. Using it most effectively demands puzzling through the companion Book of Thoth more than once to pick apart the symbolism. In an earlier post I likened attempting to master it without thoroughly absorbing the BoT to “trying to walk backwards on one leg in the fog with your eyes closed.” If you search my blog for instances of “Thoth,” you will find quite a few additional observations.


      • For now I only have ”The Crowley Tarot”, a German book written by Akron and Hajo Banzhaf. They offer a lot of information about each card and refer to the Book of Thoth often. Hard for me to tell if their insights make sense, but I’ve seen the book being recommended by people I consider trustable on the matter. Using only the Book of Thoth as a guide seems like a huge task for sure (from what I’ve heard about it). I’m still at the level where I’m making conscious efforts to not fall back into the ‘RWS’ way of interpreting haha. I intend to perservere though and eventually get the Book of Thoth. And I shall read the posts you’ve written about it on the blog. Hopefully you will see me commenting around some more (if I find anything relevant to say!)

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