The Lenormand 36-Card “Cube”

This is likely to be the most complicated cartomantic construct (don’t you love gratuitous alliteration?) you’ll ever see. I was thinking that the Lenormand 9-card square is extremely limited in knighting opportunities (only eight, and the center card originates none). The obvious solution (at least to me) was to go “3-D!”

I created a four-tier model that encompasses separate, stacked 9-card planes (Intuitive, Emotional, Mental, Physical) in which each card can be linked by knighting as both a planar and columnar projection (two seldom-used words in cartomancy, I’d say). I stopped counting at 64 knighting opportunities. The card series could also be read in both a 2-D and a 3-D direction, but that would produce (he says slyly) “information overload.” I won’t blame anyone for not attempting (or even approaching) this intricate “spread/stack.” It’s more an engaging mental exercise than a practical concept.

All I’m lacking is a see-through physical model made of plexiglass and posts that would show the thing in action. If I ever make one, I’ll post a picture here. Another random thought is that, since this layout uses all 36 cards, it could be seen as an alternative to the Grand Tableau. But once you dive in you may never come up!

Lenormand 3-D Square Spread

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