Parsifal’s Bow Personal Destiny Spread

When working New Age fairs, I’m usually limited to brief reading sessions, no more than 20 minutes. My favorite spread has always been the venerable Celtic Cross, which I’ve tweaked to my own satisfaction over the years. But doing justice to one takes me a solid 45 minutes, and even trimming it to half-an-hour is a stretch (or is that a squeeze?)

The attached spread is my current workhorse for public readings “on the clock.” It’s basically a stripped-down Celtic Cross that  adopts my idea of “environmental development” along the horizontal axis of the cross.  The “arrow” portion of the spread shows circumstances progressing  from the  client’s current state of affairs to a projected future condition, through periods of crisis, adjustment and renewal. The “bow” portion reflects the client’s mental, emotional and physical orientation to the cycle of events. The two optional positions – derived using the “quintessence”  technique – suggest a “higher order of consciousness” regarding the client’s understanding of the situation. This spread perfectly suits my normal practice of not wanting to know the client’s specific question or topic of interest in advance.

Parsifal’s Bow Improved

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