Horary Astrology Notebook

Since my blog title promises some astrology, I decided to lay out what I intend to do with it here. Although I learned psychological, natal and predictive astrology in the early ’70s, most of my recent astrological work has been in the area of horary, helping people on-line locate lost items. My success rate has been in the range of 70%, although opportunities have not been plentiful so I don’t place too much store in that. I’m also moving away from the modern psychological approach and spending more time with traditional methods. My main working model for horary is that presented by John Frawley in The Horary Textbook, backed by William Lilly’s monumental 1647 tome, Christian Astrology. My other main source of interpretive information is Anne Ungar and Lillian Huber’s The Horary Reference Book, Volume 1. I haven’t been able to find a Volume 2. Rex Bills’ The Rulership Book is also helpful. I’ve worked some with electional astrology, but the targets of my efforts were non-believers, so I kept the results to myself.

When I upgrade this site, I intend to offer professional “lost item” assistance.

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