The Daily Draw – An Alternate View

First, a confession: I didn’t perform a daily draw for many years, since it just wasn’t telling me much of anything useful. This despite the fact that it’s touted far and wide as the best way to familiarize oneself with the cards. I just couldn’t – and still don’t – see much of value in a static one-card pull since there is little opportunity for movement and scant sign of direction in it. But recently, as part of a few initiatives I have underway, I’ve started using slightly larger daily draws as a way to learn a new system (the Voyager Tarot) and to test the various new layouts I’ve been creating. A third project was to join aspects of my birth chart (Ascendant, Sun, Moon) to a line of three drawn cards (and a fourth “wild card”) by using those astrological chart factors to populate part of an expanded spread.

I seldom find much in the way of action or events in these draws; mostly they just set the tone for the next 24 hours. I did, however, have the Tower show up three days in a row and had random instances of significant breakage or failure all three days. They are good practice even if they are usually short on constructive advice. Here are  two examples of my approach.

Behavioral Architecture Spread

3-Phase Daily Orientation Spread

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